5 Creative Uses for Chalkboard Paint

Ah, chalkboard paint.  A great excuse to draw all over things you wouldn’t normally.  The most interesting context I have seen chalkboard paint used in was a year and a half ago when the husband and I were out house hunting.  We walked into a charming craftsman to find that an entire wall spanning two floors – up the stairs and down the hallway – was covered in chalkboard paint, and the kids had drawn all over it.  For the open house someone (I presume the realtor or stagers) tried to clean all the scribbles off and then draw a pretty house on it.  The final product was a smudged wall with a shaky white picket fence house drawn on it.  I took one look at it and declared the house a hard pass.  Even though I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m ready to paint our walls in black chalkboard paint (maybe you need children in your life to get yourself to this point), here are some creative uses I have found for the chalkboard effect:

1. On the inside of cabinet doors – I have to give credit to the prior owners of the house on this one.  When we were touring the housey house and I excitedly swung open the doors to the pantry cabinet (Ikea drawers are really cool), there was chalkboard paint on the inside.  I continued this trend by writing on it a smoothie recipe that my husband uses often (it’s just so dang complicated), and these measuring conversions that we can never seem to remember.

chalkboard paint measuring equivalents

2. Garden markers – read my tutorial on that here – Turning regular rocks that you would find in your backyard into something useful thanks to chalkboard paint is another creative use for chalkboard paint.  All you need is a can of chalkboard spray paint and a permanent white sharpie paint marker.

chalkboard paint garden markers


3. Organizational labels & Food labels – Labels for everyone!  I love labels.  And thanks to chalkboard paint it makes it easier to change out the label if the contents change.  I used chalkboard labels for the items in our pantry cabinet, and for organizing all of our my bathroom products (let’s be honest the only thing of my husband’s in these baskets is his shaving cream).  The labels for the bathroom baskets I made by just painting a piece of white cardstock paper with chalkboard paint.  The food labels I was too lazy to make, so I bought them off of amazon, here.

food labels

face label

4. A chore calendar – Because our housey house has half the square footage of your house (seriously…), our laundry room is located in the northwest corner of our closet.  Here is where I keep a chore calendar, reminding me when I have cleaned everything.  I found this chalkboard in our basement – we had purchased it a few years ago for our wedding – and hadn’t put it to use since.  I used this marker, which is great because it’s not permanent like my white sharpie I used for the garden markers, so I can wipe it off with a damp rag and write the new date for each chore.  And for those with hawk eyes, yes, there are some items that don’t have dates…that means those desperately need to be cleaned!

chalkboard chores

5. Bachelorette gifts – When my BFF had her bachelorette party last year, I made party favors out of mason jars, painted the lids with chalkboard paint, and wrote each girl’s name on top with my trusty white sharpie paint marker.  Inside among the favors was a recovery kit, which was a tin that I also painted with chalkboard paint and decorated.

chalkboard paint bachelorette party favors

chalkboard paint recovery kit

I also found this fun article on Buzzfeed which shows 31 useful ways to use chalkboard paint.  I love the wine and cheese label idea!


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