About Me


Welcome to the blog where you’ll read about how to amass wealth pennies at a time!  Are you excited yet?!!  I’m Kristen, the voice behind this blog.  I live in the great state of Washington with my husband where we recently dumped our entire savings account into the purchase of a house (that was built in 1907!  Its nickname is “housey house” – yes I know very creative).  I’d like to think I was frugal before we bought the house, but the start of mortgage payments brought with it a forced level of creativity in frugality.  I decided to start this blog as a place to write down tips and tricks I’ve found to help save money in our everyday lives – I’ll share with you projects I do around our housey house, DIY knockoffs that are just as good as the more expensive store bought version, and other life revelations and musings I may have along the way (you know, the things you didn’t learn in college but wish you had!).  I hope you will laugh and save some cents along with me!

Thanks for reading!